Air Jordan Fly Lockdown Shoe Review

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  • Excellent stability and lockdown (no surprise)
  • Enhanced features like a midfoot bridge to prevent ankle injuries
  • Traction pattern helps cut back on the need for wiping


  • Soft rubber soles won’t last long on rough outdoor surfaces
  • The foam cushioning can compress under players who weigh more

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Full Review – Air Jordan Fly Lockdown 

This past year has been a good one for Jordan fans. A great lineup of shoes with high performance has revived the brand that didn’t really need reviving. Really, we are just reminded what the Jordan brand is all about. High quality shoes. The Jordan Fly Lockdown is no different. They are also budget-friendly.

They are built to do exactly what the name suggests; lock your foot into the shoe and keep you stable. With several features built-in to help prevent ankle sprains and to keep your foot secure, these shoes are high-tech. We also love the materials around the laces that helps create even better fit and lockdown.

Jordan Fly Lockdown

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Low Top

     13.7 oz


True to Size


The traction on these shoes gets the job done. That’s about it.

There isn’t anything revolutionary or groundbreaking here.

You’ll find a classic Jordan combo of circles and herringbone in the rubber sole. One high point is that the wide spacing helps prevent dust from getting into the shoe.

You won’t find yourself wiping these very often.

If you’re wanting to use the Jordan Fly Lockdown outdoors, they are a viable option, but you could find a more durable shoe.

On rough surfaces, you’ll be able to get a summer or so of play from these, but the rubber is a soft one that will wear quicker than some.


Support, as you may have guessed, is the strong point of these shoes.

You are locked in from heel to toe in every part of the shoe.

A cool feature is the midfoot rollbar (the grey bridge you see on the midfoot). This section is designed to prevent ankle injuries when your ankle rolls outward. Instead, you’ll stay more upright and avoid those sprains.

The heel of this shoe is also no joke. It has an extended heel clip and the midsole joins in to form a solid heel counter. For awkward landings or hard stops, your foot won’t slide or roll.

Finally, the laces are partially covered with material (like many Jordans). This also adds to the excellent lockdown that these sneakers provide.


The Jordan Fly Lockdown uses a blend of textiles, synthetics, and leather in a woven pattern.

This provides flexibility and stability in a good ratio.

In the sole, a high-quality combo of Zoom Air and Phylon gives you great cushion.

Like all Jordans, these shoes don’t skimp on quality. We love the “26” detail in the leather on the tongue.


These shoes draw on their roots when it comes to comfort.

The injected Phylon midsole gives you great bounce and lightweight cushion while a Zoom Air unit in the forefront provides more responsive cushioning and court feel.

Some sneakerheads may hesitate at the Phylon, but this isn’t the cheap stuff that has been appearing lately. This is real, high-quality Phylon and does a great job of cushioning.

However, it can compress for players who weigh more, making this not the ideal shoe for big forwards.

Sole Decision

The Jordan Fly Lockdown is a shoe focusing on stability and performance.

If you struggle with ankle injuries or need extra stability, this shoe is for you. If you’re a big man with a few extra pounds, you might want to look for a shoe with more cushion.

All around, the Fly Lockdown stays true to its Jordan name and is a great quality shoe for ballers on a budget.

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