Air Jordan 31 Shoe Review

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  • Great cushion from a full-length Zoom Air unit
  • High quality materials give this shoe a big upgrade
  • It isn’t the Jordan 30’s


  • Full-length Zoom Air unit can make you feel wobbly
  • Unreliable traction depending on what surface you play on

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Full Review - Air Jordan 31 

Shoe lovers and Jordan fanatics alike will remember the tragedy that was the Jordan 30’s. It probably would have been better if those never existed. The 31 was the second flagship Jordan release in one year for Nike. For those who don’t know, that’s unusual. Whether the 31’s are an attempt at righting the wrongs of the 30’s or Nike was just really excited to release another Jordan, we’ll never know. What we do know, is that this shoe is much, much better than the one that came before it. In fact, it’s a lot like the very popular Jordan 18.

Air Jordan 31 Specs

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High Top

       14.03 oz


True to Size


Traction in the Jordan 30 was absolutely horrid. The 31 has corrected that. Unfortunately, it still isn’t ideal.

When on a clean floor, you’ll get solid traction. On a dusty floor or one that hasn’t been waxed in a while, you’ll likely be sliding a bit.

It’s suggested that the rubber compound used for the sole works better with certain court finishes than others.

So, traction overall is just, “eh”.


Here’s where the full-length Zoom Air pocket (more on that later) gives us a love-hate relationship.

When it comes to stability, the Zoom Air can cause a bit of wobbling at the base. Really though, it isn’t something you’ll probably notice unless your ankles are highly sensitive.

If you’re looking for something with excellent ankle support, however, then the Jordan 31 isn’t for you.

If you have a wider foot, then you’ll be grateful for the oversized toe box on this shoe. This allows wide-footers to fit securely in the shoe without being too snug.


Materials are never a big concern when it comes to the Jordan line. They are almost always made with only the best materials. That is true once again for the Jordan 31’s.

The entire front of the shoe is woven and it feels terrific. It offers just enough stretch while also providing a sturdy feel.

It also means there is relatively no “breaking in” needed for these shoes.

In the rear, synthetic leather also feels great and hugs your foot.

Overall, the weave pattern is tremendous and elevates this shoe tremendously.


The Zoom Air unit, as we mentioned, spans the entire length of the shoe.

Though it does sacrifice some stability, this makes the Jordan 31’s extremely comfortable.

From impact protection to court feel, the pocket of air under your feet feels like walking on, well… air.

You’ll eventually get used to the wobbly feel of the shoe and come to appreciate the great cushion it provides.

Sole Decision

The Jordan 31 makes up for the sins of the Jordan 30.

It is a good shoe, but not great.

A full-length Zoom Air unit provides great cushion but sacrifices some stability while the woven forefoot eliminates the need to break it in.

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