Adidas TMac Millennium Shoe Review

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  • Full-length Boost cushioning
  • Extremely durable synthetic build
  • Fantastic traction that works on any indoor surface


  • Blocky look may be unappealing to some players

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Full Review – Adidas TMac Millennium

This shoe bears the name of an all-star. Unfortunately, not everyone will know what the TMac nickname refers to. Those who do though, are likely excited to see his shoe back in action. That’s right, this shoe is named for Tracy McGrady. He was the league’s 6’10” point guard before it was cool (sorry Ben Simmons). From the sunny beaches of Orlando, McGrady earned the lively nickname of TMac. Okay, sure, the 90s weren’t that great at nicknames. Fortunately, their basketball players were much better. Throughout his career, this man put up insane numbers and dropped jaws (and buckets) night in and night out. Now, will a revamped shoe be worthy of bearing his name? Let’s find out:

Adidas TMac Millennium Specs

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Low Top

       15.2 oz

Nostalgic ballers

True to Size


From a traction standpoint, this shoe is a standout. Dust, dust bunnies, hell, even a dust elephant won’t make you slip up.

In the last few years, the TMac millennium is probably some of the best traction from any major brand we’ve seen. Period.

You may have to wipe a few times but the pattern also does a relatively good job at clearing dust on its own.

It uses a heel to toe herringbone pattern similar to Adidas’ recent Harden Vol. 3 and N3XT L3V3L sneakers. All of these have performed incredibly in the traction department.

What makes the Millennium special is that its pattern actually changes sizes throughout the outsole. This gives you better grip and dust control.

Unfortunately, this shoe is not an outdoor shoe. This is a tough one to swallow for many because the shoe looks like such a good playground pick up game shoe.


Wow. Just by looking at this shoe’s profile, you wouldn’t guess that it will perform the best. It looks a little clunky and blocky.

However, this is a deceiving look. In fact, the shoe doesn’t feel bulky at all.

The TMac Millennium features a good lacing system, good fit, and a synthetic upper that is stiff and supportive.

Adidas also added their Infinity shank to this shoe that works with the Boost cushioning to provide spring and reflex.

The Millennium has incredible lateral stability thanks to a toecap that limits side to side movement.

Even more support comes from the outsole that comes up the lateral side and cages the Boost while also wrapping up over the toes and toecap for enhanced containment.

Would you believe us if we told you that this shoe even felt light? Well, we don’t blame you if not. But the shoe really is a light, supportive shoe despite its oddly blocky look.

Perhaps this was a design choice to pay homage to TMac’s 90’s and early 2000’s career.


Don’t let the looks deceive you. If your heart jumped for joy when seeing leather, we’re mourning right with you.

Unfortunately, the upper is a synthetic. Despite this, it is a very leather like synthetic. 

We applaud the effort but would have loved to see real, genuine leather.

The rest of the upper is a synthetic material as well. At first, this makes the shoe very stiff.

It will need a sizeable amount of break in time before it is comfortable to play in.

However, this also makes the shoe very durable.

Your toes definitely won’t be poking through these anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the tongue is separate, allowing you to pull it in tight without bunching the upper. Compared to the many bootie designs out there, we like this style for the Millennium.

Finally, the heel piece does nothing. Nothing at all. However, it features a wood grain finish in what we imagine is a subtle callback to the original T-Mac that featured actual wood in the shoe. Oh the days.


We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again: we love Boost. The Millennium is truly carried into the current time period by using a full-length Boost midsole that feels incredible.

It rides similar to the Crazy Explosive 2017. Low in the forefoot without a jarring impact with a cushioned heel area that offers maximum impact protection.

Again, despite the bulky look, this is a quick riding shoe. This is a very comfortable shoe to play in like all of the full-length Boost models we’ve seen recently.

If TMac could have worn these towards the end of his career he might have kept dropping triple doubles for another 5 seasons.

Sole Decision

The TMac Millennium is a great recreation of a classic shoe for a great player.

We love almost everything about it.

Sure, it would have been nice to see real leather, but the shoe’s exceptional performance make up for this and deliver a great playing experience.

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