Adidas Pro Bounce Mid 2018 Shoe Review

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  • Truly superb traction on any surface
  • Solid support for positions 1 through 5
  • Bounce cushion provides a well-balanced ride with great court feel


  • Materials feel cheap on the foot

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Full Review - Adidas Pro Bounce Mid 2018 

Adidas may not be the first brand that jumps to mind when thinking of basketball shoes. However, with the solid work they have done on their last few years’ worth of shoes, maybe it should. Enhanced cushioning, better traction, and solid support are a few things that make their shoes stand out. The Pro Bounce Mid 2018 model is no different.

Adidas Pro Bounce Mid 2018 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



Mid Top

       13.0 oz

Positions 1 - 5

True to Size


In terms of traction, this is one of the best outsoles we have seen since Adidas released their Harden Vol. 1. The rubber compound they use feels nearly identical to the Vol. 1 and functions almost identically as well.

Spiral patterns like the one used usually perform pretty well on the court. However, this one is almost magical. It simply bites the court on a whole other level. No matter what your playing surface is, these shoes will keep you on your feet and allow you to make cuts around defenders with ease.

They practically obliterate dust so wiping isn’t a problem.

Meanwhile, the shoe is more than able to handle outdoor use, which is a big plus for some players.


Even with a lower-end mesh build, support on this shoe is above average. It features great lockdown that keeps your foot in place no matter how crazy your moves get.

Torsional support comes from two split TPU spring plates that run into the forefoot of the shoe. Sometimes, this feature can make the shoe feel stiff and hard to break in. However, the split design works really well in this shoe and is something that is a joy to play in.

Meanwhile, the midsole is wide and flat for good balance that goes perfectly with two exaggerated outriggers.

Due to the material used, this shoe is a solid fit for anyone. There is plenty of support for big men down low and enough freedom of movement for speedy guards.

The lacing system is something like Flywire cables. It takes some adjusting, but once you get it fixed to your preference it does a good job of keeping your foot in place.


If there is one weak area to the Bounce Mid 2018, it is the materials used.

Granted, the choice keeps the price reasonable and affordable. However, we would have liked to see higher end materials used. If that would have been the case, the shoe would have been a slam dunk. For now, we’ll give it a solid layup. 

Adidas used their unique ForgeFiber material for the upper. This lightweight mesh has some additional stitching for reinforcement and strength. However, it ends up feeling sort of cheap on your foot. Despite this, the material does work fine.

It is breathable, lightweight, and moves with your foot not against it. This means that zero break-in time is required. ​

From a performance perspective, the material is hardly a deal breaker. If you’re a player who likes feeling premium materials in your shoe, then the Boost Mid 2018 probably isn’t for you.


Adidas seems to be using their unique Bounce cushion to replace Boost in most of their basketball shoe models. This is a tremendous upgrade from the rather horrible D Rose 9’s Boost material.

Adidas is clearly signaling that they are all-in on their shoe line and are using premium cushioning to back it up.

For those who’ve worn Bounce before and those who haven’t, the experience is excellent. Bounce offers, as the name suggests, a slight bounce underfoot but allows you to retain a ton of court feel.

This is something that a lot of shoes can’t seem to get right. Either they have too much cushion and not enough feel, or vice versa.

The Boost Mid 2018 however, gets the job done. The foam is truly one of the most well-balanced rides available on the market.

Sole Decision

The Adidas Boost Mid 2018 is a great shoe for any player at any position.

The shoe’s versatile nature, along with its excellent traction and support mean that you will be playing comfortably and safely in this shoe.

Don’t forget that this shoe is at a highly affordable price since it isn’t a signature shoe for a player.

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