Adidas Men’s Dame 4 – Stay True To The Game

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  • Incredible traction attracts minimal dust
  • Robust ankle support contrasts well with minimal forefoot bulk
  • Comfortable compression material for tongue, collar, and heel


  • Traction designs may be off-putting for some

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Full Review - Adidas Dame 4

It’s always impressive when a shoe tailored specifically for an NBA star can be used by anyone with fantastic results.

And yet that’s exactly what you get with the Adidas Men’s Dame 4, inspired by Damian Lillard himself.

This pair will provide incredible traction thanks to the unique design underneath. Similarly, the support has been massively upgraded from the Dame 3 with less bulk and a divine lacing system.

With a plush ride in the back for enhanced comfort and a mesh upper with additional compression materials, the Dame 4 provides epic cushion and agility.

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            2.9 lbs.



Let’s be honest: these things look….unique.

But don’t judge a book by its cover—the intricate design of the under-sole is purposely made to create some incredible traction, even on the dustiest of courts.

Thanks to the wide separation between the traction lines, particles rarely stick, though there are some tiny gaps that can attract a bit of dust.

Still, a quick wipe and you’re good to go, so it’s really inconsequential.

In the end, they offer a great combination of support and bite. While it’s not the best traction out there, it’s still getting the job done—and done well.


The Dame 4 has some truly upgraded support from its predecessor and Adidas clearly listened closely to people’s feedback.

This time, they’ve managed to keep all the firmness beneath your feet while eliminating a ton of bulk.

The Dame 3 had a very thick midsole that was supportive but too heavy. This time, they’ve dramatically reduced its size while maintaining a great level of support.

You’ll also find that the compression-like materials around the tongue, collar, and heel are incredibly snug and secure.

Another great feature is the impact protection. Thanks to that thick sole beneath your heel, landings will feel like dropping on clouds. It’ll keep you secure yet agile, which is all the more enhanced by the lightweight forefoot.


Simply put, the Adidas Dame 4 has upped its game, especially thanks to the breathable mesh material that’s a contrast from the Dame 3.

The predecessor was infamous for a stiff, plastic-like feeling that just left you agitated and annoyed. More often than not, it simply couldn’t live up to the high standard on the court.

With the Dame 4, the compression-like materials around the heel create a great fit while providing a soft and gentle sensation. Thanks to its flexible makeup, it can expand to provide a more customized fit no matter your size.

It really does feel like it’s been custom-tailored for your foot, even though it was designed for Damian Lillard. This feature alone is enough to push the pair past the competition.


The comfort cannot be argued with this pair, though it might take a bit of getting used to.

You’ll find that the cushion rides thicker near your heel but feels almost nonexistent around the forefoot.

In nearly every way, Adidas has improved upon the Dame 3, which is exactly what we expect from a leading designer.

Sole Decision

Predecessors step aside, Adidas has listened and adapted with the Damian Lillard-inspired Dame 4.

The uniquely-designed sole is great, even though it might seem like you can feel the court right underneath your toes. This actually creates a greater level of intimacy and heightens your awareness of the ground beneath your feet.

The end result is a super-plush foundation in the rear with a quick, agile structure for smooth play.

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