Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Shoe Review

Total Score
Traction - 8
Support - 9.5
Materials - 8.5
Comfort - 9.5

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  • Fantastic lockdown in all areas of the shoe to keep your foot stable
  • Lightweight and snug, comfortable fit thanks to reinforced Primeknit material
  • Great cushioning with full-length Adidas Boost


  • Traction isn’t the best on dusty surfaces and won’t last on outdoor courts

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Full Review - Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 

The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 takes a different approach to basketball shoes. In fact, it almost resembles something like a running shoe (minus the taller ankle collar). This shoe features Adidas’ Primeknit material for a sock-like fit, also keeping the shoe extremely light. Don’t let the cloth-like appearance fool you either. These shoes offer excellent lockdown in all areas and provide great traction on most surfaces. We love these shoes.

Crazy Explosive 2017 Specs

Release Date:



Built For:  



Knit High Top

       13 oz


Snug/True to Size


The traction pattern on the Crazy Explosive 2017 isn’t that impressive to look at. In fact, it looks pretty disorganized.

You’ll quickly forget about that when you step on the court.

On a nice, clean, wooden court you’ll be stopping precisely and gripping like nobody’s business.

The unusual traction pattern gives you great grip in all directions.

The only problem you might experience is on some surfaces dust buildup can be a problem, forcing you to wipe your soles often.

We also wouldn’t recommend using these as an outdoor shoe. Otherwise, they offer great traction.


Like we said, on the surface these shoes don’t scream support. However, the look is deceiving. This is in part due to the wide base of this shoe.

Look at it from the bottom and you’ll see what we mean. This wide base consists of a TPU roll cage that surrounds your foot.

So, although most of the shoe looks like it is a knit cloth, you are getting great support and stability. Your foot is locked in to the shoe.

Adidas’ new forged Primeknit also uses reinforced support sections in the fabric itself to prevent excess stretching and keep your foot centered.

This high-tech support system does not disappoint.


This shoe gets the job done thanks to ultra-high-quality materials.

The new forged Primeknit is more durable and more stable while Adidas’ always-awesome Boost cushioning gives you a light-as-air feel.

The choice to go with a sock-like ankle collar is unique but it works with this shoe. It’s soft and won’t rub but gives you the feeling of a higher-rise shoe.

All around, we have nothing to complain about when it comes to materials. Neither will you.


These shoes use a full-length Boost cushioning system to provide maximum comfort.

We’ve seen Adidas go overboard on some shoes with too much of this ultra-springy cushioning. However, this shoe provides an optimal balance of comfort and support.

The full-length Boost means you have terrific cushion on your whole foot.

So, whether you’re a big man pivoting on your heels or a guard cutting on your toes, you have the cushion you need.

The Primeknit material also fits like a glove and truly makes the Crazy Explosive 2017 one of the most comfortable basketball shoes you’ll wear.

Sole Decision

This is an awesome shoe. We love the unique, lightweight forged Primeknit material.

You’ll love the full-length Boost cushioning no matter what position you play and will benefit from unbeatable lockdown and above-average traction for indoor play.

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