Adidas Marquee Boost Mid Shoe Review

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  • Full length Boost cushioning
  • Excellent material choice that makes the shoe move with you
  • Durable shoe that will look good for a long time


  • Strange, loose and flexible fit
  • Traction will struggle on a dirty floor

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Full Review – Adidas Marquee  Boost

Could the new Adidas Marquee Boost be the most comfortable basketball shoe on the market? We can’t deny that it is certainly in the running. Since this is not a signature player shoe, the price point is very reasonable considering the quality that it comes with. Overall, the Marquee Boost is a good shoe.

However, the tremendous cushioning can’t quite make up for some lacking areas in fit and traction. If your wallet is in a pinch and you need a new pair of shoes though, you could certainly do worse than this shoe. If you’ve got the extra money to drop, you may want to look elsewhere.

Adidas Marquee  Boost Specs

Release Date:



Built For:



Mid Top

       13.5 oz

Ballers on a budget



The Marquee Boost features everyone’s favorite pattern: herringbone.

It offers multidirectional coverage from heel to toe and is practically uninterrupted save a small Adidas logo in the heel.

The outrigger portion uses a thicker version of the pattern than the rest of the shoe. This section performs tremendously.

Unfortunately, the rest of the sole does not.

Since the pattern is very shallow and the grooves are tightly spaced, dust is able to accumulate quickly.

You’ll notice that these shoes need quite a bit of wiping to stay tacky.

Thicker grooves like what is used in the outrigger portion would have made this shoe much better. This also would have made the shoe more durable for players hoping to use the Marquee Boost outside.

As it is now, we’d avoid playing on rough surfaces as it will quickly wear away.

Overall, the traction performs well on clean surfaces but will struggle if your court is dusty.


Support is pretty standard in the Marquee Boost.

You’ve got everything you need to stay stable and safe without anything flashy. Torsional support, an outrigger, and a wide platform for stability get the job done easily.

Unfortunately, the fit may cause problems for some players. This is a shoe you’ll definitely want to try on first in the store.

The toe area flexes in a strange way. This doesn’t necessarily harm play, but it is a distraction.

Certainly not something you want to be focused on while trying to perform on the court.

You may also unfortunately experience the dreaded heel slip until you figure out how to lace the shoe properly. Newer, socks slide right out of the silky interior material they used.


The materials are a welcome relief from the onslaught of signature shoes we’ve been seeing that feature cheap-o faux suede.

The mixture of knits, canvas, and micro-molded mesh is a perfect harmony that makes this shoe a pleasure to look at and wear.

The shoe as a whole maintains flexibility while providing support.

It is also very durable. The Marquee Boost is one of those few shoes that will still look like it just came out of the box even if you’ve been playing in it for weeks.


Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. We love it. We adore a comfortable shoe.

As the name suggests, the Marquee Boost is outfitted with full length Boost cushioning.

Adidas’ proprietary cushioning material has stolen our heart and we can’t say enough good things about it. The fact that it is featured full-length in this shoe may be a great thing (or may not depending on your preference).

The forefoot is stiffer than you’d expect but still provides great impact protection.

Meanwhile, the heel is very bouncy and offers a lot of under-foot feedback that players look for in basketball shoes.

Those with ankle injuries will want to avoid this shoe because the ultra-cushy heel could aggravate your pain.

Don’t get us wrong, it won’t cause the injury. But if you’ve already got something nagging at you then the Boost isn’t going to help.

Meanwhile, healthy players should fully enjoy the comfort provided by the Marquee Boost.

Sole Decision

This shoe’s blend of great features paired with sub-par ones makes it middle of the road.

We love the full-length Boost cushioning but the traction could have used some work.

The fit is a little strange, but we can’t complain about the materials used.

Like we said before, for those on a tight budget this is a shoe that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

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