Adidas Dame 5 Shoe Review: A Great Budget Sneaker

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  • Great full-length Bounce cushioning
  • Herringbone traction pattern fights off dust
  • Thick, sturdy sole makes the shoe good for outdoor play


  • Felt/suede material feels cheap and gets hot quickly

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Full Review – Adidas Dame 5

In case Damian Lillard’s incredible season hasn’t been enough to convince you that he is a standout star in the NBA, the fact that his signature shoe is on its fifth iteration might. The former two-star prospect has been full of hidden gems from the get-go. After becoming the second leading all-time scorer at small D-1 Weber State and then earning a draft night call from the Portland Trailblazers, Dame Dollar has quickly made a name for himself in the league. His shoe is no different. Though it isn’t as popular as some other signature shoes, the Dame 5 is a top-line shoe that performs great in all aspects.

Adidas Dame 5 Specs

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Low Top

       15.5 oz

Guards & Outdoor players

Runs Long


Following the success of Adidas’ Harden Vol. 3, the Dame 5 features an all-herringbone traction pattern underneath. One difference to note is that the grooves are spaced fairly wide apart. This means dust is evicted from the shoe easily and without the need for much wiping.

The strong, gripping pattern does a great job and lets you accelerate quickly with no slips.

For outdoor play, the Dame 5 is actually a good choice. The rubber compound is harder than most and the tread is also significantly deep so the shoe should hold up well on more abrasive surfaces.

In all, we can’t complain about the reliability and simplicity of the traction pattern on this shoe. It does the job without getting too flashy, just like its namesake.


The support system of the Dame 5 is based around the laces. They do a great job of locking you down into the shoe and keeping your foot stable inside.

However, there are some lesser elements that compliment the lacing structure for a more secure fit.

A TPU lateral support wing helps keep your foot solid over the footbed on lateral movements. Unlike some shoes, this is not a hard plastic structure. This means no more hotspots and blisters from a hard piece of plastic digging into your foot.

The soft rubber holds you steady and is also quite comfortable.

Meanwhile, the shoe doesn’t have a real outrigger thanks to its ridiculously wide base. Sometimes this can make the shoe feel blocky or clunky, but that isn’t the case here.

The snug fit and Bounce cushioning take away any bulky feeling. You get a smooth transition from heel to toe with no scary instability to be found.


If there’s one downfall to the Dame 5 it is the material choice.

This isn’t so much a unique flaw of the shoe itself so much as a bad trend in the entire shoe game. Nike and Adidas have been all over the new felt/suede material in the past year and a half.

Unfortunately, the trend that started with the Kobe AD Mid, is a poor one.

The material feels cheap in the hand (probably because it is) and wears terribly. It also gets dirty very fast and gathers up moisture like a towel.

Anything other than this material would have been a better choice.

Dear Nike and Adidas, please stop.

On to better aspects, the interior of the shoe is thickly padded all around.

Though it certainly doesn’t help with heat ventilation, this feature makes the shoe very plush when running around.

The tongue is its own piece (no bootie construction) so your foot fits the shoe a bit more personally.


The use of Bounce by Adidas is one that we are a fan of. We missed it on the Lillard 2 and the Dame 3. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. But they did actually change the name of the shoe line between those two models.

Anyway, the Bounce used here is thick, bouncy (ha ha) and responsive.

It isn’t as soft as something like Boost, but there is certainly a compression felt when landing after a jump.

You lose a bit of court feel compared to earlier models, but that is something most of us can sacrifice for a little extra cushion.

Finally, the transition offered by full-length Bounce is silky smooth. Just make your move and the shoe follows. Nothing better than that.

Sole Decision

The Dame 5 is a solid all-around performer.

While the material choice isn’t our favorite, excellent cushion and support make up for it.

It is a worthy shoe for any player and could also be considered for outdoor play.

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