Adidas Crazylight Boost 2018 Shoe Review

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  • Terrific grip for instant stops on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Great forefront lockdown for premium stability
  • Lots of cushioning and impact protection


  • Cheap mesh makes this shoe look lower quality than it is
  • Problem with heel stability due to too much Boost cushioning and not enough outsole

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Full Review - Adidas Crazylight Boost 2018 

Don’t let the name fool you. This is not an ultra-lightweight shoe. In fact, the entire Adidas Crazylight shoe line has not been lightweight compared with other shoes for a few years now. Perhaps its time to change the name. Regardless, this is still a good shoe. It draws on Adidas’ proprietary cushioning system “Boost” to provide excellent cushion from heel to toe. However, this leaves the heel feeling a bit unstable at times. Fortunately, the forefoot makes up for it with excellent lockdown and a great cage that keeps your foot in place. Finally, the Crazylight Boost this year features an amazing traction pattern that truly provides stops on a dime. Adidas is close with this shoe, but it does lack in a few areas.

Crazylight Boost 2018 Specs

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Low Top

       12 oz


True to Size


Traction may well be this shoe’s highlight (the forefoot is close though).

It uses a pattern of varying shapes, waves, and grooves that are spaced wider apart than some other shoes. Still, this traction pattern gives you the power to stop on a dime – which is awesome.

When you plant your foot, you come to an instant stop.

Great for quick directional cuts, not as great when your foot moves around inside.

The pattern does a great job at repelling dust so you won’t be constantly wiping these shoes.

They should also last pretty well on outdoor surfaces.


Just like traction was the high point, support is the low point on the Crazylight 2018.

The big problem stems from the Boost cushioning in the back.

While Adidas’ awesome cushioning material made from heat welded foam pellets provides great energy return and impact cushioning, there is too much in the heel. If you land on your heel off of a jump or need to plant quickly while coming off a screen, you’re going to feel some instability in the heel.

It isn’t enough to make you feel like a sprain is around the corner, but you certainly don’t feel locked in.

Although the heel is lacking, the forefront partially makes up for it.

A terrific cage gives you near perfect stability in the forefoot when staying on your toes.

It’s a little odd that they just couldn’t bring it all together.


We already touched on the Boost material.

Since this shoe has a lot of cushion, it isn’t really lightweight as the name suggests. 

Some people complain about the cheap-looking and non-elastic mesh used around the tongue.

While you won’t be bothered during the game, this is something to consider.

Though the outer materials aren’t the best, the Boost cushioning material inside is fantastic and the shoe still looks pretty badass.


This shoe is all about cushion. The heel is full of it.

You feel like you’re walking on air in these Crazylight Boost 2018’s.

They offer great impact protection, excellent energy return, and help reduce foot fatigue.

Like we said, the heel has just a bit too much cushion that stability is sacrificed.

Otherwise, the cushioning is a dream.

Sole Decision

Adidas is getting closer and closer with the Crazylight line.

This shoe has terrific traction and cushioning but is lacking in heel stability and could feature better materials outside.

If you’re looking for a good indoor/outdoor shoe with plenty of comfort, this is for you.

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