About Us

Thanks for visiting my site, my name is Nick, and I will tell you a bit about hoopsfiend.com.

I have had a passion for the game of basketball since I was a child.  My father taught me how to shoot a basketball and away I went.  Playing throughout childhood and into high school was great and I think the game teaches many life lessons to those who are willing to listen.

While my time playing for my school has ended a long time ago, I still very much enjoy playing pickup games wherever I can find them.  As a player whose greatest skill is shooting, I pay a great deal of attention to the basketballs I play with on the courts.  Often, I think about the bounce, feel, grip, and brand of the basketball that is being used.  Honestly, if the ball is of low quality or does not suit me it can affect the quality of my game, and shooting in particular.

The basketball market is a large one with many different companies competing to have you buy their basketball as opposed to their competitors.  The goal of our site is to make this decision as easy as possible by providing a collection of what we believe to be the 10 best outdoor basketballs available on the market today.

We will plan to provide a comprehensive list of outdoor basketballs that include forty of more balls.  Also, our plan is to write articles related to basketball and the quality of basketballs in general.  If you feel we have missed a great basketball please let us know by filling out the contact form.

Basically, we want you to get the best outdoor basketball for the money so that you can get to what matters, playing basketball!