5 Things To Do Now To Earn More Playing Time

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Playing time; all basketball players want more of it.  However, just because you want something does not mean it will be given to you.  As with everything in the game of basketball, playing time is earned.  If you find yourself spending more time on the pine than you would like, then we have five things to do from this moment forward to begin the process of getting more time on the hardwood.

1. Listen

At practice and in games, find out what your coach values most in his or her players.  Don’t take your coach’s constructive criticism personally, simply listen to what they want you to do and go out and do it when you get the chance.  It really is that easy.  Once your coach sees you make the adjustment they instructed then you will start the process of building your coach’s trust.  And if you have your coach’s trust, then you better believe you’ll be on the court when it matters most.

2. Lead Your Team in Hustle

It is no secret, coach’s love players who are willing to get dirty and hustle their way to success.  Be that player who is always sacrificing his body for the ball and the team’s greater good.  Trust us, your coach will notice and you will get in the game more as a result.

3. Accept Your Role

We can’t all be leading scorers.  In fact, on every team I’ve ever encountered there is only one leading scorer.  So, what about the other 10+ players on the team?  They all have roles.  Some will specialize in defending, while another player might be the team’s best rebounder.

What’s important here is that you find your basketball niche.  What are you best at?  Find that thing and work obsessively to become the best on your team at that skill.  If you are the best at something, even if not related to scoring, there is little doubt that your coach and team will rely on you to fill this crucial role.

4. Team First

I’m sure you’ve come across players on your team that would rather live in the limelight at the expense of the team’s greater good.  When thinking of the decisions you make on the court, always ask yourself how this will make your team better.  Be honest with yourself, and if the decision you made was selfish in nature, then eliminate it from your game.

5. Bring a Great Attitude

A great attitude will get you far on the basketball court and in life.  Accept what your coach says with respect and a smile.  Recognize and be humble in you successes, and don’t get too down when you fail.  Keep your head up, and lead by example.  Not only will your game get better, but the coach will see you are a leader, and leaders play.

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